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  • Cause a Childs Death Every 3 Days

  • 75% of Youth Suicides with Family Gun

  • Unlocked in 2 Million Kids' Homes

  • Kept in 1 in 3 Homes 

  • 70% Know Where Parents Hide Guns

  • Over 300,000 Guns in the County







For Any Owner of Any Gun

Used in Any Incident

Unless gun was previously reported missing.



No Child Left Dead (#NCLD) Bill

Will Call For:


year - any misdemeanor.

years - any felony.

8 years if any person is shot. 

10 years if any person is killed. 

10 years if any child is shot. 

13 years if any child is killed. 
15 years if any child shoots anyone.

18 years if any child kills anyone.
20 years if any
child kills any child.

Types of Shootings

All, including intentional, accidental & suicidal. 


Exception for Lost or Stolen

If proof of missing weapon report prior to incident, owner will not be charged.


Types of Guns

Automatic -- twice max sentence

Semi-Automatic -- max sentence

Handgun -- max sentence

Single shot long-gun -- 75% max sentence






The NRA, Pro-Gun Advocates & Gun Control Supporters all agree on one thing:

Gun owners need to properly store and lock their guns to prevent children from accessing them!

Still every day another family is mourning the death of a child at his own hand, or a child killing a sibling, friend, parent or grandparent after getting a hold of a gun.  

This is the ONE thing both Gun Advocates & Gun Control Supporters AGREE ON. 


STAND UP FOR for an historical law 

WELL STORED GUNS can help insure we


Lock up gun owners who don't lock up their guns!

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