1 - 6

1  Cayle Mitchell Taylor 16-Year-Old BOY Jackson, MS shot and KILLED by FATHER, hunting. (Article)


2   Reakwon Shannon US Navy 19-Year-Old  BOY  Fuquay-Varina, NC shot and KILLED by Step-FATHER at Mother's HOME, 

murder charges (Article)


2   Cole Peyton, 14 BOY OK shot by NEIGHBOR in Neighbor's yard. (Article) 


3   Unknown Child, Spring, TX shot at HOME (Article) 


4   Two-Year-Old GIRL LaGrange, GA shot by SIBLING at HOME (Article) 


4   Three-Month-Old BABY Memphis, TN shot and KILLED by a NIEGHBOR  (Article) 


4   Jeremiah Horsley, a Two Year Old BOY Dubuque, IA by another CHILD at HOME (Article)


4  13-Year-Old BOY Memphis, TN shot and KILLED  by NIEGHBOR (Article) 


4  Unknown BOY Jacksonville, FL shot by FATHER, in chest (Article) 


4  Unknown Five-Year-Old Child Jackson, MS shot at HOME (Article)


5   Two-Year-Old BOY St. Cloud FL shot SELF at a HOME  (Article)


6   Two-Year- Old BOY Buford, GA shot and KILLED by Mom's boyfriend at HOME. (Article)


7 - 14

8  Unknown Child Carlsbad, TX shot in face  (Article) 


9  Andre O'Neil Eight-Year-Old BOY Louisville, KY shot and KILLED by NEIGHBOR at HOME (Article) 


10 Nine-Year-Old BOY Trinidad, CO shot and KILLED by 8-year-old SIBLING in family friend's CAR. (Article) 


11 14-Year-Old BOY Cincinnati, OH shot and KILLED by FATHER (Article) ​


12 12-Year-Old GIRL Duncannon, PA shot and KILLED by POLICE (Article)